ELECTION DAY!  We had a smaller than normal turn-out this morning - presumably because everyone was waiting in line to VOTE somewhere!  We did have a very productive meeting however, discussing the many upcoming events and volunteer opportunities we have for the holiday season - both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We have offered to help the Plymouth Salvation Army with food distribution on Saturday November 17 but have also taken on the responsibility of providing the 325 boxes of Mac and Cheese that they are in need of as well!  Each member today donated $20 to the cause and Audrey is hitting Costco and getting the product.  If you would like to contribute to the cause she will appreciate it!

We are also planning our Senior Christmas Dinner on Sunday December 9 - we need ALL our members to be present and work on this important event - this is one our most important (and appreciated!) annual projects.  Please mark your calendars and make sure you can attend and help out.

We  have the Tanger Christmas Party coming up as well - Wednesday December 12 - again this is an important and super fun event we do for the students and families at Tanger School to help them celebrate the holidays in an atmosphere which helps the students feel comfortable.

We had a guest Sergeant today - John Stewart - who came and did a Michigan history test for all of us - In the spirit of the political season he handed out quarters for correct answers and then required everyone to give back $1!!

Rememer to VOTE TODAY!

Next week we will have a preview of a bit of fun entertainment we have lined up for the Senior Christmas Dinner when we are visited by a PALM READER - you won't want to miss it :)