Good meeting on a cold October morning.  We welcomed our Assistant District Gov. Dave Cash - it's always nice to see him as well as guest Geff Phillips - guest of Beth Stewart.  We also had a visitor - Jason - who is a recent graduate of U of M- Dearborn in Behavioral Science and found out about us through our POSSIBILTITIES booklet. 

We had club committee meetings today and each group has a list of lots of great activites and programs for our club.
There are lots of things coming up in the next fews weeks and months and so it's never too early to start filling these dates in your calendar!
Please check theleft hand column for the dates you need to know to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Hope to see you all next week - let's try and get as many of our club members to start attending meetings as we can!  There are a bunch of you that we miss seeing so please join us :)