WE had a great planning meeting this morning facilitated by Dick Schmidt.  Dick is helping each of our committees to envision our projects and goals for next year to help plan our fundraising.  This has helped keep us on task, identifying projects and setting goals.

Six of our members are planning on attending the District Assembly at Schoolcraft College this Saturday morning.  We hope to get an update fromt hem at our next meeting.

Next week our speaker is Charlotte Luttrell, from  Ms Molly Foundation  (www.msmolly.org). The Ms. Molly Foundation believes all people deserve to feel safe in their own homes. The Ms. Molly Foundation empowers communities to stop the cycle of violence in the home and gives victims of domestic violence a second chance for happiness. Domestic violence is a growing nationwide problem. While millions of victims report this crime, there are many others who are just too afraid their situation is beyond anyone's help.   This will be an interesting meeting - please bring a friend!

Have a great week everyone!